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Have you ever felt stuck in a fog? Mentally, emotionally and perpetually. Like this image, everything seems to be obscured and out of reach. 

I can’t tell you how many women I have tried to encourage over the past three years. Most of the friends I have now have suffered from unhealthy, horrendous, even abusive relationships. 

We ALL have something in common. Our programming needs rewired, and our systems need rebooting.  

I am overwhelmed with cases of perpetual need and our county has little to no resources for support. I can easily name 30 social service, non-profit, community-based programming for men, (felons, addicts, veterans, mentally ill and for all ages). If a woman calls for aide, I have less than 5! 

Women in marriage separation do not qualify for welfare, housing or educational services. The process from awakening through divorce often takes two years. From divorced to independent is often derailed and the woman flounders with no support even then. 

I  am  losing sleep over this! For months there have been a stream of women desperate for shelter, safety, security and I have to turn them away! I believe what I do makes a difference. I know there will always be ‘one more.’ I honestly do not know how to cope with this. Then I feel bad for thinking of myself, then I wonder if its codependency making me feel like this. 

No. The system sucks. I have compassion, conviction, and the ability to be heard. These women are stuck. If I am only able to listen and value their stories, then I AM making a difference. 



I have been a Lorain county resident for five years now. Anywhere you go you can see quintessential American life in our backyard. From scarecrows to Organized Labor Day, from urban decay to rural homesteading, and my question has been, "Where is the joy?!" People need more reasons to smile. While I am committed to educating and empowering people, I promise this blog will always share the hope and joy I have.

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