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Discontent with Discontentment 

Am I too personal? Do I spew complaints? Do I walk around with a half-hearted smile? Is it self-centered to have a blog about my self-care journey? How can I stop wallowing in pity? Why can’t I just be happy? 

Thoughts racing through my head. Embracing lies and discouragements. How can you wallow and focus on self-care, they are fundamentally different!  Why bothering sharing such intimate experiences and lessons learned if you care nothing of others! 

It has been awhile since I have struggled with discontentment. It is an uncomfortable place for me. With all that my family has experienced in the past six months, the GOOD should be shiny and noticeably awesome. But that is not how life works, right? 

I look forward to trying these 20 tips to create Gratitude 

Or I can just watch this video from the Skit Guys over and over until I finally get it.

Lord, help me. I want to be more grateful.

Until tomorrow, then.



I have been a Lorain county resident for five years now. Anywhere you go you can see quintessential American life in our backyard. From scarecrows to Organized Labor Day, from urban decay to rural homesteading, and my question has been, "Where is the joy?!" People need more reasons to smile. While I am committed to educating and empowering people, I promise this blog will always share the hope and joy I have.

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