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Strategic Discontent or Strategic Contentment…

Hold on while I get my coffee…

Okay that’s better. Let me ask your thoughts. Should I use some of my birthday money on a new tattoo or start saving for a family trip to Florida?  

I only want a small tattoo… not sure about the location but I like these two simple patterns. The first image defines all my previous posts. But ‘Infinite Joy’ would be cool too. 

I am learning more about the differences of gratitude and contentment. How would you define each concept in your own life? I feel many of us would acknowledge gratitude as fleeting and temporary. Some of us would say it is difficult and a discipline. Others still would challenge the mere ideal by dismissing it through ambition and worry. There are a rare few that would say it is hard fought and a companion. 

Like gratitude, I am learning you do have to fight for it. We are not even content at birth! Strategic discontent can be a useful weapon, but it is dangerous. I thought I could use this term, strategic discontent, to push for change, gain ambition and increase my joy.  Can you guess how that is going? 

New strategy.  What if I use the gratitude I have been storing all summer and build something beautiful out of it? All those  little moments where I sensed love, beauty, and provision can become a wonderful canvas. 

Two thoughts from yesterday, both about anxiety, perhaps you can relate. One gal shared that she has a jar that helps when she worries. It is labeled, ‘FEAR DISPOSAL.’ I love it! She writes whatever is bothering her, prays about it and gets rid of it. So my other thought will need to go in the jar after I share it. ‘If things are on the upswing, when is the other foot going to fall…’ My family has been doing okay, we are healing (ish), settled into the house by Lake Erie and moving forward. Obviously life still happens but there is a persistent  fear of when is the next injury, loss or tragedy going to occur

Therefore I choose to dispose of fear.  To build contentment. To live in gratitude. I choose joy!



I have been a Lorain county resident for five years now. Anywhere you go you can see quintessential American life in our backyard. From scarecrows to Organized Labor Day, from urban decay to rural homesteading, and my question has been, "Where is the joy?!" People need more reasons to smile. While I am committed to educating and empowering people, I promise this blog will always share the hope and joy I have.

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